“Every time you make a purchase, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in."

An Honest Approach

Being upfront and honest is always the best policy. We are by no means
perfect, but we always strive to be better. Our philosophy is around reducing
overconsumption and helping people to find quality that will last. Sometimes
making an item that someone will treasure for years to come is the best way to
minimise environmental impact.




Material Philosophy

We aim to use materials in as responsible a manner as possible. That
means sourcing from ‘deadstock’ or recycled fabrics. Where virgin fabrics are
used, we ensure they are responsibly manufactured. It’s not just understanding
where our materials come from but where our materials go, that completes the
picture. Fabrics like Econyl have been designed with recapture in mind, and can
be recycled without loss of quality in the finished product.





Nylon waste, such as ghost fishing nets and old carpets that are otherwise
polluting the Earth, are transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It's
exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be
recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

That means you can create new products and buy new products
without having to use new resources.

For every 10 tons of yarn used, we save 70 barrels of crude oil and 57 tons
of CO2.





We use Q-NOVA, an eco-sustainable nylon fiber obtained with regenerated raw
materials. It is an ecological product that allows a reduction of CO2
emissions, a lower consumption of water resources and the use of energy from
renewable sources.





You may notice some of our garments have a QR code. At the end of your
product's lifecycle you can scan the code, enter your address and Majotech will
come and collect it. They then take it to a recycling centre
where it is turned into new raw materials and sold. The proceeds from those
sales will then go to non-profit organisations.




Merino wool

This is a natural thermoregulating material which will help you to stay warm
in winter and cool in summer, aiding you to create your seasonless wardrobe.

Additionally, merino has anti-odour properties thanks to its high absorption
rate. It can hold up to 35% of its bodyweight in water, compared to

8.5% for cotton or 1.5% with polyester. This means that it helps to keep the
skin drier, preventing the build up of sweat on your skin, making it thw
perfect material to be used when constructing activewear.

But what is merino?

Merino is a breed of Spanish sheep, bred to have thinnest wool fibres
possible. This allows for better flexibility and a softer touch.




Biodegradable Elastane

Regular elastane is an inorganic material, so once it is produced it takes a
very long time to break down, and even longer if it isn’t disposed of in ideal

We use biodegradeable elastane that allows our garments to degrade down
naturally when it comes to the end of their life.





You may see the word deadstock on some of our garments.

But what is deadstock?

When a brand manufactures clothing there is often a large amount of leftover
material that will be discarded. We take that excess material that is destined
for landfill and turn it into useful products, ultimately turning one person's
trash into another person's treasure.


We work with numerous factories within Portugal where we manufacture all of
our products. We use different factories depending on what they specialise in.
Portugal has a great array of factories that tick all the boxes we look for,
such as giving a living wage to their garment workers and provide ethical working conditions. We also choose our factories by looking at how they are powered, and only use those that run off of green energy.
Majority of our products are manufactured here.



Most of the fabrics we use will come from family-run mills in Italy. With its deep heritage in fashion, it provides the quality and ethical marks that we look for, whilst also reducing the carbon that is produced by transportation to a minimum.

Products manufactured here include our Puffer Jackets, using Italian mills and factories.