What do we do?

We create intelligent outdoor active apparel through considered design and attention to detail.

We aim to provide you with built to last products and in turn encourage conscious ownership and connect you with the outside world.

How do we do it?

From the start of the design process we create pieces that are seasonless and environmentally responsible.

Manufacturing everything within Europe, we look to be as responsible as possible and reduce transport distances whilst working with factories that provide living wages.

Through our choice in fabrics we look to take recycled, biodegradable or deadstock material from the best family run mills and incorporate them into our products.

Giving old fabrics, new life. 

Who does this

Started by Ben back in 2020 the vision to create an environmentally concious brand that encourages women to get outside and explore was born.

Now OTTI is run by our team out of Soho, London where we supply OTTI internationally.

The future

A very important aspect to us is being transparent, whether its commuicating why at first certian materials may seem less reponsible then others, or talking about the carbon cost of transportation we aim to give you as much information as possible.

We want to include you in our journey and grow with us the only way to do that is to be upfront and transparent.